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How It all began

My passion for digital marketing stems from developing relationships with clients and being able to convert their goals and strategies to what their business needs in the long-term.

Throughout my experience cross-culturally in Australia, New Zealand and Asia in multi-national corporations such as Facebook and Culture Kings, I have worked with some top-tier clients.

Watching clients grow their accounts gives me pure joy, however, it is the ability to be able to get in, get my hands dirty, and establish a complete relationship with all my clients where I can see an equitable return on ad spend (ROAS), while still moving through a successful funnel of brand, acquisition, remarketing, retention and loyalty.

Harrison Carew, founder of Growth Huntr, ex-Facebook Ecom Pod Lead

Our Partners

Our Team

We are a diverse team of talented people with various skills.

Together we develop solid marketing strategies to rocket our clients revenue to

the moon!

Harry Carew

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

With an extensive background in digital marketing, Harry’s spent his past life at Facebook working with a number of global brands and agencies. His passion and deep understanding of eCommerce, Retail and CPG resulted in him leading Australia, New Zealand and the US in a ‘Facebook full funnel’ strategy which was implemented across hundreds of brands.

Coined as the only ‘digital genius to ever crack a Facebook algorithm’, his extensive knowledge, strategic mind and continued partnership with Facebook is proving immensely valuable to all Growth Huntr clients.

When Harry’s not ‘cracking codes’, you can find him back on the cattle farm, living out his second biggest passion.



Jack Carew

COO – Chief Operating Officer

As an entrepreneur in the digital marketing world, Jack has first hand experience in what goes into building a business and it’s his technical knowledge and commercial mind give him the edge, including his deep understanding of media buying data, through to the entire digital equation; from marketing strategy, website, product. But, his passion for building strong, long lasting relationships and delivering impactful results is really what gets him going. The bigger the challenge the better!

When Jack isn’t scaling accounts he can be found on a quad bike or jet ski!



Jess Harvey

Business Manager

New to the digital marketing world, Jess loves to support the team and clients in any way she can. She is keen to learn about brands and the digital marketing industry. Jess gets excited about development and growth and is always wanting to go to the next level and see that transformation. Jess’s passion for people and culture are inherent in everything she does – perfect for keeping the team and clients in check!

In Jess’s free time she enjoys being at the beach with her family.



Harrison Recchi-Bannah

Agency Manager

Having a hands on approach, H enjoys to cover all aspects of the digital marketing world. His creative mind and quick thinking has always made him stand out to clients. H enjoys getting to the bottom of any problem and ensures it gets solved! His enthusiasm to learn and gain knowledge to get his brands to the next level.

Out of the office H loves spending time with his family and friends on the beautiful beaches on the Sunny Coast.




Joshua Sullivan

Client Partner

As one of the Client Partner’s at Growth Huntr, when Josh isn’t hard at work building campaigns and market strategies, you will find him buried in data and deep diving areas of opportunity. The self confessed human calculator is happiest when surrounded with spreadsheets and reports, always on the hunt for areas of development within an Account.

Outside of the office, Josh enjoys spending his time riding motorbikes and exploring new regions while touring & camping.



Tom Rudkin

Client Partner

An enthusiastic, cheerful, and highly relationship-orientated team player, Tom is a dedicated media and marketing polymath. Tom’s broad and thoroughly robust initial years in the industry enable him to have a wide array of conversations with varying levels of businesses. Australian International Corporations, or SME’s, Tom has the experience to translate objectives into the digital media tools on offer.

Tom moved up the coast in 2019 and loves the lifestyle it enables him to have. Surfing, running, hikes in the hinterland he usually has a story to share come Monday morning.




Jack Heaney

Client Partner

As the Google ads specialist with Growth Huntr, Jack brings years of experience to all things Google & development related to the team. He has a keen interest in graphs and chasing the success mapped by them. Jack is our go to Google guy!

 Jack is originally from the Sunshine Coast and even has a street named after him in Mountain Creek – ‘Jacks Lane’. On the weekends Jack enjoys long walks with his dog, camping and fishing.



Hualison Ribas

Marketing Specialist

A very dynamic tech savvy digital marketing professional with years of experience in different market segments, Hualison is proficient in creating high-impact digital marketing strategies to meet aggressive business goals. Expert in identifying business opportunities and translating them into digital initiatives, also demonstrates broad creativity to bring exclusivity and uniqueness to the work.

Wally is Brazilian and moved to Australia to study Marketing and Project management and loves to explore nature, listen to music and appreciate good wine in his free time.




Paris Nelson

Account Specialist / DAB Coordinator 

Paris is Growth Huntr’s product guru and Accounts Specialist. She has an eye for fashion and product to market fit and with these skills, she is now an integral part of building campaigns for some of our biggest female fashion brands in Growth Huntr. Paris’s passion and enthusiasm for the fashion industry keeps her on trend and proactive with the accounts she manages.

When Paris isn’t in the office she is at University completing her Bachelor of Midwifery course.



Fiona Dique

Account Specialist

Digital is Fiona’s DNA. As an innovative, passionate professional with a long history in IT being on the forefront of new technologies and platforms, Fiona is a creative thinker who delivers on content with a flair for copywriting and a knack for seeing the big picture to create opportunities. Fiona is happy to get her hands dirty managing the day-to-day roll out of campaigns and projects to have an innate account understanding. 

In Fiona’s free time you can find her riding trail bikes, kayaking, hiking and most of all enjoying watching her children experience life’s adventures.




Grace Beikoff

Account Specialist 

Grace has joined the Growth Huntr team after completing her Bachelor of Business with a double major in Marketing and Tourism, Leisure & Events Management. With this being Grace’s first full-time job out of uni she loves the fast-paced office environment. Grace is hard working and has been a quick learner so has been versatile within the teams and enjoys being able to experience the range of clients we have at Growth Huntr. 

When Grace isn’t working you will find her at the gym or at one of the beautiful beaches on the coast.


Dani Bertram

Account Specialist

Dani graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Branded Fashion and Business. She is well-versed in the world of women’s fashion, with experience working alongside one of Australia’s largest ecommerce retailers as a fashion designer for 12 months! Dani joined us in December 2021 and slipped right into the role as great communicator and awesome team player! You’ll find Dani busy at work within our team, building out strategies and optimising accounts.

In Dani’s spare time you’ll find her running around with her border collies, Rigby and Sadie, while gardening and listening to music. She’s cruisy, cool and has been voted as ‘The Best Laugh’ in the office!



Andrea Giebel

Accounts Manager  

With vast business accounting experience across a wide variety of industries, Andrea joins the Growth Huntr team to lead the back-office finance and bookkeeping functions. Andrea is passionate about giving meaning to the numbers and supporting sustainable growth.

In her spare time, Andrea loves to embrace all that the Sunshine Coast has to offer by spending time outdoors with her family. She can also be found whipping up creations in the kitchen.


Olivia Sullivan

Account Specialist

Olivia joined the Growth Huntr team after completing a Bachelor of Business majoring in Tourism, Leisure and Events Management. She loves the office environment and is keen to further develop her knowledge on our brands and the digital marketing industry! Olivia works within the team assisting with account optimisation and ad building. She is organised, hard working and a team player! 

When Olivia isn’t working you’ll find her out socialising with friends and family or enjoying the beach!